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Church Women United, Madison WI


Madison Ecumenical Center
The Madison Ecumenical Center (MEC) is sponsored by Church Women United in Madison. MEC maintains a current list of churches, synagogues, congregations, the clergy serving them, and lay leaders of congregations. Address services are available to reach the ecumenical community with events, concerns, ideas. MEC publishes a directory every two years of churches, synagogues, congregations, and the clergy serving them as well as emergency resource agencies and other special ministries in our community.

MEC Board:
Ann Sowaske, Ruth Hein, Betsy Ernst-Mullin, Gloria Carter

Production of MEC Directory:
Cherie Imhoff and MEC volunteers.

Madison Area Religious & Human Resources Directory

Church Women United in Madison produces a directory of resources every 2 years for the Madison area which is made available to churches and other organizations. This directory is a wealth of information about area churches, food pantries, meal sites, food programs, shelter, clothing and more. Copies are available for $15 each plus $5 shipping. To obtain a copy, download an order form, click here. You may also email cwumadison@gmail.com or call the Madison Ecumenical Center at 608-347-4724.  

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