Encouraging women to come together in a visible community to witness to their faith in Jesus Christ and, enabled by the Holy Spirit, to go out into every neighborhood and nation as instruments of reconciling love.
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Ann Sowaske, Faith Bauman, Pat Draves
Meeting December 7, 2018


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Mary Jean Bartholomew Receives The Valiant Woman Award: The CWU Highest Honor

I met Mary Jean in the spring of 2007 when I was to replace her on the Board, as Celebrations Chairperson.  She was everyone's SWEETHEART!  She wore humility like a prayer shawl - gentle, soft and warm - her eyes twinkled, and even though soft-spoken, she laughed out loud with a sense of cheerfulness about her!

I was lost in my new role, and if it weren't for Mary Jean, I may have given up trying!  She counseled, consoled, encouraged and taught me what I needed to know, so that I could continue to do this new job!  I am told that she counseled, consoled, encouraged and taught EVERYONE that she came to know - It was always about the OTHER person!! 

For the longest time, I didn't even know that she was a pastor, much less, one of the first women pastors to graduate from McCormick Theological Seminary, in Chicago.  There were many women in Christian education, but she was in the first class to take courses to become a minister.

She served Westminster Presbyterian Church as a Christian education director, and then was ordained and served as assistant and then associate pastor, totalling 26 years!  All this while, Mary Jean was also an active participant in Church Women United-Madison!  She may have served most of the positions there, but of this I'm not sure.

Her role in the Madison community sets her apart as well - She worked with the YWCA as a board member, and helped coordinate activities for the Madison Area Council of Churches.  She also served on the Triangel Community Ministry board, and did much work with social justice issues, as well.

As the song we sung for her at the February 1st states:  "Mary Jean, Mary Jean....there is no one quite like you!"  She is indeed a blessing, and without a doubt to all who knew her -  a valiant woman!

With JOY,
Linda Caprariello

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Human Rights Day Celebration January 2020              
Frank Davis Recipient of CWU Human Rights Award 2020

Church Women United in Wisconsin Annual Assembly: Care of Gods Creation
September 7, 2019 at Holy Wisdom Monastery
In the pictures above, National CWU President, Patti Polk meets inspirational keynote speaker Sister Lynne Smith; and then Wisconsin Council of Churches, Director Kerry Parker. National CWU President gives recognition and gifts of acknowledgement to Carol Lange, President of WI CWU, Program Lead Sue Coghill, and Acting President of CWU-Madison, Lynn McDonald. About 50 participants from across Wisconsin participated with enthusiasm and liveliness.


World Community Day 2019

When the Diagnosis is Racism: Table Talk for Healing Racism
Grace Episcopal Church, 116 Washington Ave., Madison
Sundays: January 20, February 17, March 17 & April 28
12:30-2:30 pm, Lunch Included
You are encouraged to attend this effort to help heal Madison's racism. Reservations needed. Contact the church at togracechurch@gmail.com.

Human Rights Award, January 4, 2019

January 4, 2019: Will Green and his wife Becky started the help agency "Mentoring Positives" in 2007. They help high school and middle school kids in the Darbo neighborhodd improve self image and direction of life. They grow vegetables for making slasa and pizza and call these products "Off the Block." They are sold in several stores in Madison. Pictured with them is daughter, Kayla.

World Community Day, November 2, 2018
Pictured below: 
Dr. Michelle Robinson and  Miranda Kettlewell, soloist, Grace Episcopal

Valiant Woman Award
The Church Women United Madison Chapter presented the Valiant Woman of the Year Award to Faith Bauman. This is a national award from CWU. Faith received a plaque and a pin to commemorate this award.

Restorative Justice in Wisconsin
Peg Wallace was the presenter at the CWU Madison Forum on October 5, 2018 at Oakwood University Woods. Ms. Wallace is a prison ministry volunteer. RICH stands for  Respect, Information, Connection, Hope.

World Communion Day Celebration, 2017
Human Rights Celebration, January 2015

Yolanda Salazar, Recipient of the 2012 Human Rights Award

2012 Human Rights Award

Yolanda Salazar
Church Women United’s recipient for the 2012 Human Rights award was given to Yolanda Salazar on January 4 at Trinity United Methodist church.  She has worked with Madison’s Latino community through the North East side senior coalition as a cultural diversity specialist since 1995.  Currently she has a case load of over 200, plus working many volunteer hours.

In Mexico, where she was born & raised, she attended school then continued on into law school at the National University of Mexico.

She came to the U. S. to assist her daughter with her first child.  This brought her back to school to learn English.  She worked with R.E.M. Wisconsin for 11 years, helping people with disabilities.  She has also helped people through Latino Support Network (La Sup) and the Latino health council.  She has been helping to improve lives in our area willingly and lovingly. She feels this is God’s calling in her life.

2012 Church Women United Celebration of Human Rights:
The Aging Struggle for Dignity

By Jonathan Gramling

    Katie Crowley & Christine Beatty

As the Baby Boom generation enters the golden years, many will realize that those years of comfort and dignity that they have earned aren’t so golden. Since 1977, Christine Beatty has worked with older adults at the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, the Monona Coalition for the Elderly and since 1989 as the head of the Madison Senior Center. Beatty has been a national figure in advocating for quality services for the elderly including as convener of the National Council on Aging Leadership Council. And in the intervening years, she has gone from being advocate for the elderly to being an advocate for herself as well.

(Article excerpt reprinted from The Capital City Hues, February 9, 2012.
To read the full article,
click here.)

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