Encouraging women to come together in a visible community to witness to their faith in Jesus Christ and, enabled by the Holy Spirit, to go out into every neighborhood and nation as instruments of reconciling love.
Church Women United in Madison, WI 

About Us

As Church Women United begins its 2011-2012 year, it continues in its historic struggle for peace, justice, and the empowerment of women.

The goals are:
1) economic justice for all women 
2) quality health care for all  
3) a clean and safe environment
     that supports life on this earth
Contact Information

Church Women United in Madison Office
and the Madison Ecumenical Center
Glenwood Moravian Community Church 725 Gilmore Madison WI 53711 Phone:

Church Women United in Wisconsin
Email: cwuwi@ChurchWomenUnited-WI.org
Web: www.ChurchWomenUnited-WI.org

Newly Installed Officers, August 2018:
Left to right: Ann Sowaske, Shirley Robins, Ruth Hein, Lynn McDonald, Marlene Lippert, Faith Bauman, Barbara Eggleston, Crystal Betterley and Ellie Metzloff

Church Women United National Offices
Church Women United
475 Riverside Drive, Room 1626A
New York, N.Y. 10115
Phone: 212-870-2347 or 1-800-298-5551  
FAX 212-870-2338 
E-mail: cwu@churchwomen.org
Web: www.churchwomen.org
National Executive: Djamillah  Samad
Statement of Mission
Church Women United in the USA
PURPOSE: The purpose of Church Women United is to encourage women to come together in a visible community to witness to their faith in Jesus Christ and, enabled by the Holy Spirit, to go out into every neighborhood and nation as instruments of reconciling love.

NATURE: Church Women United is a national movement through which Protestant, Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and other Christian women may express the ecumenical dimensions of their faith and work. Units in states and local communities are organized around their own by-laws, it being understood that such by-laws
may not be in conflict with those of the national movement.

PARTICIPATION: Church Women United is open to all Christian women who wish to manifest their unity by building a covenantal community through worship, study and cooperative action. Other women may participate provided they understand the purpose of the movement and intend to cooperate in advancing its program.

PARTICIPANTS: Madison Church Women United is made up of groups and individuals who aspire to its purpose. Financial support comes from Fair Share gifts from groups. Individuals may contribute $5 or more which defrays the cost of the newsletter subscription. Checks should be made out to Church Women United in Madison and sent to the local treasurer, Marleen Lippert, 6329 Scandia Lane, McFarland 53558. Each member church has a representative who is the connecting link between that church and Church Women United. Of course, all women are welcome and encouraged to attend all CWU meetings.

History of Church Women United in Madison, Inc.
The Madison Church Women United dates back to 1924 when representatives of 17 churches met together and formed the Women’s Church and Missionary Federation. In 1934 the name was changed to The Madison Council of Federated Church Women. Four years later, the group became know as the Madison Council of Church Women. The national Church Women United was begun in 1941 with the name United Church Women, and the Madison unit adopted the name in 1950. In 1968 the national body became Church Women United and the Madison unit became Church Women United in Madison.

Church Women United has worked on various projects over the years independently and at times in cooperation with other groups. The Madison CWU sponsored Vista workers in Madison for several years. This gave churches an opportunity to help programs, e.g. a free health center.

For several years an Interfaith Day brought women together from the Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, and Protestant faiths. Other efforts in the past include a forum allowing AFDC mothers to tell their stories. A seminar was held on the Vietnam War. One year World Hunger was a special feature with women distributing information at the Square. During the International Year of the Woman, video programs of women in various professions were taped and broadcast on the Public Access Channel. A free clothing center was operated with Dane County Social Services for several years.

In 1976 CWU established the Madison Ecumenical Center after the dissolution of the Madison Area Community of Churches. In 1992 the Global Express Shop was established, an outgrowth of the effort to store and sell SERRV and SELF-HELP handicrafts from around the world at the Madison Ecumenical Center. The Global Express Shop resided for 15 years in the train on West Washington, helping people around the world survive by selling their handmade items of beauty and usefulness. CWU and Global Express celebrated the success of our goal to introduce Fair Trade to Madison. There are now a number of Fair Trade shops in the city and nearby communities. The Global Express Shop closed in mid-2007.

About 1985 the formation of an ecumenical women’s choir gave women of many churches the opportunity to sing and enhance the Celebrations worship services and some special events. Another ongoing project of many years duration was that of member churches providing cookies each week for Head Start.

Today over 50 churches of various denominations support Church Women United in devotion, study, and ecumenical action.
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